Rockwood has long believed that the integration of environmental, social and governance considerations into investing plays a key role in determining risk and return for all stakeholders, especially over the long-term. The foundation of our strategy is focused on the nature of value and the value of nature.

Rockwood has long been a proponent of ‘The Nature of Value,’ meaning that the surroundings of a property and access to green space can substantially increase the value. Green communities can serve a central role in the efforts to combat climate change. This emphasis on ‘The Nature of Value’ is the foundation of the ‘partnership, place, and performance’ philosophy that drives our ESG program.”
Tara McCann
Senior Managing Director
of Capital & Client Strategies
Our ESG Framework
As fiduciaries and members of the community, Rockwood seeks to actively collaborate with our stakeholders to deliver responsible, healthy, and engaging places to live, work, and play. We accomplish this by recognizing “The Nature of Value.” Through this framework, we will continue to manage our business and investments with the goals of value creation, community support, and environmental stewardship.

Shared ownership, a relationship driven philosophy, and a recognition that we depend on our stakeholders and success is not a zero-sum game.

Engage our partners, property managers, vendors, and tenants to embrace ESG

Communicate our ESG performance and governance to investors and the public

Reinforce a culture of teamwork and inclusion among our staff and stakeholders


Distinctive real estate that is accessible, memorable, and offers unique potential. A strong embrace of nature, which improves human nature.

Develop strategies to identify, analyze, and mitigate risk associated with climate change

Invest in creating stronger, healthier communities that promote diversity and inclusion

Collect and analyze data from key performance indicators to inform ESG policy decisions


Tangible results – financial, environmental, and social – tracked and managed through data-driven insights and our deep expertise.

Incorporate technologies that contribute to investment performance of real estate

Assess properties to illuminate opportunities for efficiency projects and inform decisions

Certify properties through industry recognized programs such as LEED and ENERGY STAR