Our Firm’s vision is to be the most trusted institutional real estate investment manager in the United States. Our mission is to generate consistent returns for our investors. We strive to achieve these returns by maintaining a high integrity culture with an entrepreneurial spirit and staying true to our cycle-tested investment strategy.

Managing more than $14 billion of equity commitments from investors since inception
$14.1B Assets Under Management
Eleven partners with an average of more than 20 years of real estate investment experience
A portfolio since inception of the firm of over $39 billion across a broad spectrum of properties
as of 12/31/2022
Pillars for our Culture, our Investments and our Investors
High integrity partnership culture with a shared philosophy – not driven by a single ego
Measure management by EQ to create a culture of sharing and participation
Create civic value by building destinations and creating places
Take advantage of, and use, nature, which improves human nature
Strive to best practices of environment, social and governance (ESG) in all of our investments
Invest in knowledge centers and create places where people want to be
Value investment approach focused on the full potential of an asset
Strategy-driven investment selection as opposed to a deal-driven approach
Build enduring partnerships with our investors, local operators and other influencers
  • Client Service Oriented
  • "Bricks and Mortar" Experts
  • Market-Cycle-Tested Real Estate Practitioners
  • Client / Investor Mindset
  • Take Risk in Manageable Increments
  • Transparency
  • Execution
  • Client Relationship Driven
  • Portfolio Risk / Risk Management
  • Top-Down / Bottom-Up Research & Strategy Development
  • "Buy-Right"
  • Value Creation
  • Meet Client Objectives
Reston Town Center, Reston. VA


Neil Smith and Ed Kavounas become key executives of Mobil Land. Neil is Chairman of Reston New Town in Virginia and Ed is General Counsel and Vice President of the Central Division.
Vallco Park, Cupertino, CA


Sullivan, Smith & Kavounas, a Rockwood predecessor, forms. The company initiates the concept of providing capital for strong, entrepreneurial local partners based on the principle that real estate is a local and specialized business in need of deeper sources of capital.
Rockspring Park, Bethesda, MD


Fund I (1) forms, consisting of $202.3 million of commitments.
Boston Naval Shipyard, Boston, MA


The growing team merges with the management of Rockefeller and Associates Realty. The Rockefeller, Agnelli, Olayan, Bronfman and Niarchos families invests in Fund I and II.


On July 1, 1995, Rockwood Capital is formed by the key executives of Sullivan, Smith & Kavounas and Rockefeller and Associates Realty, including founding partners Ed Kavounas, Neil Smith, Peter Falco, Walter Schmidt & Bob Gray.
Cornerstone, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Fund II forms consisting of $83.0 million of commitments.
University Circle, Palo Alto, CA


Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund III, L.P. raises $221.0 million of commitments expanding its client base to include institutional investors.
660 Madison, New York, NY


Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund IV, L.P. raises $336.0 million of commitments.
Metropolitan Hotel, New York, NY


Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund V, L.P. raises $460.0 million of commitments.
Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA


Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund VI, L.P. raises $657.0 million of commitments.
Orange Executive Tower, Orange County, CA


Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund VII, L.P. raises $1,094 million of commitments.
Vizcayne, Miami, FL


Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund VIII, L.P. raises $964.0 million of commitments.
Crossroad, Sunnyvale, CA


Rockwood renews its separate account business for select client in core/core plus real estate and for special opportunities.
130 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

2011 - 2017

Rockwood continues both its commingled value add investment program and separate account work. In this time period, Rockwood expands it separate account platform with 7 separate accounts in the core/core-plus, build to core, long-term development strategies totaling $2.4B of commitments.
Campus 2100, El Segundo, CA


Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund IX, L.P. raises $678M of commitments.
375 Park Avenue, New York, NY

2013 - 2017

Rockwood expands into debt separate platforms with three new debt accounts formed in this time period.


Rockwood celebrates twenty years.
Parcel K, Boston, MA


Rockwood Capital Real Estate Partners Fund X has its final closing raising $1.1B of commitments.
  1. Fund I, an affiliation of investment partnerships, was capitalized by five high net worth investors, each of whom had the ability to opt-in or opt-out of recommended investments. Ed Kavounas, Peter Falco, Walter Schmidt, Bob Gray and Neil Smith, along with certain other individuals (the "Predecessor Team"), provided advisory services to two of the five high net worth investors (the "Investors") comprising Fund I. The Predecessor Team advised the Investors regarding their participation in each of the Fund I investments. Ultimately, the Investors participated in each Fund I investment represented above, but the five investors did not elect to invest in each deal recommended by Predecessor Team. After the formation of Rockwood in 1995, Fund I entered into a contractual arrangement whereby Rockwood advised the five high net worth investors collectively with respect to Fund I.